The Georgia Chapter will offer one (1) $1,000 scholarship for 2016. The scholarship is open to the child or grandchild of NAPUS members, active and retired. And the time is now to begin gathering the necessary information and completing the application process. The deadline ends each year on the last day of February. Act now to meet that deadline.


Applicants vary each year. Also, the applications vary. Some are incomplete. Please do not forget to include a separate sheet with a list of extracurricular activities. Some years, all applicants score within fractions of points in grade point average; and according to the criteria, the selection committee must consider also (no more than) “five extracurricular activities sanctioned by the church, school or community.” That could make a difference in who is selected.


Some things to remember to simplify the selection process:


·         Do NOT send letters of reference from teachers or community leaders;

·         When choosing your five extracurricular activities, sports and club memberships, base your selection on those in which you, the applicant, have/had a leadership role, or excelled in some way -- OR which meant the most to you.

·         Also, a variety of activities (not just sports, etc.) could be helpful. That indicates a more well- rounded student and future leader.

·         Everyone does not participate in sports; art or music might be your specialty.

·         Community service is also important.

·         Don’t forget to send a transcript from your school showing GPA. If SAT or ACT was taken, send those scores also, if possible.

·         The committee is looking forward to so many applicants this year that the selection process will require much thought and deliberation on our part.


 Scholarship Rules

2016 Scholarship Application


The deadline ends each year on the last day of February.


GANAPUS Scholarship Donations

Would you like to remember someone who is sick or shut in or maybe in memory of a lost love one? You can  make contributions to the scholarship fund in their name. For more information please contact Tammy Cantrell at

Send your donations to:

Tammy Cantrell
State Secretary / Treasurer
116 ABB Helton Rd
Cleveland,  GA 30528-3700





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